*Due to the opening of my Practice in Rossington, I am unfortunately not taking on any new mobile foot clinic customers. Please feel free to call and make an appointment to visit me at my Foot Clicnic, based as the Therapy salon, 3 Fowler Crescent, New Rossington., DN11 0QT



All instruments have been ultrasonically cleaned, placed in self sealed sterilization pouches and sterilised in a vacuum autoclave. A record is kept not only of patient visits, but also the sterility process.
I am a qualified Foot Health Practitioner, having studied and gained theory and practical diplomas in advanced Foot Health Care with Stonebridge College of Foot Health Practitioners.

*Please note, sometimes I may be unable to answer a call due to been in appointment. However I will always call back. Please leave a message.

Hours & Location

Therapy salon, 3 Fowler Crescent, New Rossington., DN11 0QT

Mon-Fri: 9am-7pm
Sat-Sun: 10am-2pm

Practice (Monday Only)
Therapy Salon, 3 Fowler Cresernt, New Rossington, DN11 0QT - 07711292606

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Welcome to my website my name is Maria C. Taylor and I have many years experience working as a Foot care practitioner, my training and experience help me provide everything to keep your feet happy and healthy!

My philosophy of life, values and attitude are my foundations for work in my profession. I am a person with a lot of responsibility and control over my work and perseverance.I am a people`s person, with a passion for healing and love of working with my hands.

I am a member of the alliance of private sector practitioners.

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